Origin of wordVolts – Unit of voltage Amps – Unit of current
DefinitionElectricity circulation pressure or forceAmount of electricity circulation in circuit or electrical system
Common Expression Voltage, V= dW/dq . So, 1 V = 1 joule /coulombCurrent , I = dq/dt , So, 1 A = 1 coulomb/second
Dependency Voltage or volts is independent of current (amps)Without voltage (volts) current cannot create (circulate)
Harmful to humanVoltage does not kill human **Suitable amount of electricity flows through the body can kills human
SymbolVoltage symbol is “V” and unit express as “V” alsoCurrent express as “I” and unit of current express as “A”
Field classificationVoltage that create magnetic fieldCurrent which create electrostatic field
Series circuitVoltage across each and every load or component will be different depending upon its magnitudeCurrent will be same for all component or load which are connected in series
Parallel circuitVoltage will be same for all parallel connected load Current will be different for parallel load depending upon connected load magnitude
History of originAlessandro Volta (1745–1827) invented voltaic pile (electrical battery) in 1800. On the base of his name volt is used.Andr?-Marie Amp?re who invented the current in 1820. On the base of his name ampere is used.


** Voltage does not directly kill any person where current does. Actually without the presence of voltage current cannot flow through anything. But main concept is voltage cannot circulate but current that circulation can cause death of human.

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